I have never felt so clean in my life. At the end of a hectic week I travelled with two Russian women from the heart of NYC to the fringes of New Jersey and found myself in Korea. At the 24 hour King Spa, as in the surrounding suburb of Palisades Park, most of the people are Korean, the signs are in Korean, the newspapers are Korean, and the food is Korean. So even before I stepped into the spa uniform of oversized pink t-shirt and shorts, I was in another world.

The women-only spa section was as frightening as it was enlightening. When I squelched between the steam room and the coolest of the geranium pools, the discretion of the massage area gave way to disquiet as the airborne attendants appeared to trampoline above their concealed clients. Wearing sensible black bras and underwear they were empowered in a room of nudity, and I sent out several silent pleas for a pacifist when my number came up. Too late! The smiling buddah face of a muscular masseur caught my eye and I was next…

“Nature’s tranquilizer” awaited upstairs to remedy any lingering pain. The amethyst sauna not only sobered and calmed but was a touch of Cooper Pedy in an international setting. Other igloo shaped saunas provided the healing qualities of heat through herbs, anti-aging gold leaf and energy soil. When it all became too hot there was the ice sauna, sleep or sustenance. Who could deny the temptation of eggs baked in a sauna so hot there has to be rugs placed on the floor so you can enter barefoot? Winters in NYC may never be the same. There is a free shuttle bus to the Spa every two hours from Korea Town on 31st and 5th, and you don’t even need a passport…






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6 Responses to Jjimjilbang

  1. Dalas Colley says:

    Sounds divine, love the toootsie photo and of course you did not ever touch the ice pipe!
    I see what you mean Cooper Pedy. Terrific discovery

  2. Beth Downes says:

    Thank you Gabrielle for your spectacular reports in New York and beyond!! I have been listening to you on Rod Quinn’s programme for years and have been getting your reports for many months now. My husband & I are heading to New York in a couple of weeks and look forward to seeing all the sights & sounds of this fascinating city. We hope the cold has gone and we can enjoy warmer weather than you have been experiencing. Keep up the brilliant work.   Cheers from Arnhemland, Beth Downes

    • Thank you for being such a loyal listener Beth and for your lovely comments. I hope this pays off for you when you arrive in NYC! The weather is all over the place but better cool than hot when you have a lot of exploring to do. Have a fantastic time and please bring some of that glorious NT sunshine with you when you come…

  3. Oh my goodness….Very interesting!

  4. Louise says:

    Oh wow it looks amazing! Book a spot for me please!

  5. Tess says:

    Fascinating Gabrielle and looks like pure escapism too. Thanks once again for a great report! Tess

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