Travel the world through chocolate

Having the words chocolate and travel in the same sentence is a good start. But when you find them in palatable partnership it is even better. A quick errand on Madison Avenue this week turned into an international jaunt when my inquiring accent was recognized and rewarded with a Wooloomooloo – a macadamia nut dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. A lamington ( almost ) meets Haighs taste sensation. Then it was off to South America for caramelized banana and Jamaican Rum followed by a quick stopover in Japan for wasabi and ginger in dark chocolate. The Chicago born proprietor of Vosges went  first to France for technique and marketing tips, then travelled the world matching destinations and flavors. Katrina Markoff obviously loved Australia – in addition to Sydney suburbs she also offers a drinking chocolate of lemon myrtle and white chocolate. But she clearly did not make it to Port Lincoln. If she had there would surely be a caramello koala truffle with white chocolate pointers….



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4 Responses to Travel the world through chocolate

  1. My favourite place to visit for chocolate has to be Brussels. There were chocolate shops in the windows and outside, vendors selling waffles. HEAVEN.

  2. Majella says:

    The title ‘Travel the World Through Chocolate’ is my life dream/mission in a nutshell! Always looking forward to hearing more about your chocolate adventures Gabrielle! x

  3. Chocolate travel is the name of my game. The best chocolate doesn’t travel well as it has a short shelf life. You have to travel to it in order to enjoy it at its optimum. Best reason in the world to travel!

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