Making history in NYC

I am very proud to share the news that The New York Historical Society has just acquired an original photograph from Sean’s Dayworker Collection. Last winter Sean accompanied a group of South American construction workers on their daily toiling underneath the city. Over a period of weeks Sean became so familiar in their workplace that he was part of the migrant world, sharing stories in broken Spanish and capturing lives in images that would be resent to southern homes. There was no self-conscious posing or preparation, and the outcome is a work of art.

The New York Historical Society was the first museum in New York, founded in 1804 to explore and record the rich history of the city and the nation. That’s 210 years of collecting manuscripts, photographs, artifacts and papers, from Ulysses S Grant’s terms of surrender for Robert E Lee at the end of the Civil War to Bill Cunningham’s iconic record of fashion on New York streets. Thousands and thousands of pieces which today share the space with jazz concerts, political debate, paintings and installations. And one Santos. What an honour!

Owner/ Copyright holder

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9 Responses to Making history in NYC

  1. Rob Richardson says:

    Great Photo from a Great Photographer

  2. Paula says:

    That is terrific and so is the photograph. Congratulations to Sean.


  3. ck1957 says:

    Gabrielle that is fantastic. The photo is just stunning. Congratulations Sean!

  4. Dallas Colley says:

    Huge congratulations to Sean, indeed an honour, fabulous photo love to you both

  5. Your (Australian) overnight commentaries on NYC with Rod Quinn are a highlight for many ABC radio devotees. This photo is surreal, beautiful and thought provoking.

    • Thank you for being a devotee Barrie – I appreciate you listening, and taking the time to write. I am biased when it comes to talking about Sean’s work, so it’s especially good to know you enjoy it as well.

  6. Sue Lonsdale says:

    Wonderful photo, congrats to Sean that is a real achievement to get his photo placed in that wonderful museum.

  7. onions54 says:

    Top shot,must be a hard life for those blokes.

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