Swimming up Park Avenue

The closest I came to Coogee Beach this summer was the seven block tunnel underneath Park Avenue. While there was no white sand, waves, or even water, there was plenty of sound, and if you closed your eyes long enough and really used your imagination, you could almost smell the sea at Sleaford Bay or see your toes in the glorious emerald depths of Cable Beach. The underwater sound installation is part of the much anticipated Summer Streets program where for a precious few hours on Saturdays in August, Park Avenue is open only to cyclists, skaters and feet. This includes the tunnel, which with limited lighting, created ghostly shapes around pedestrians pausing to listen to the long moan of a whale or the curious cry of a crustacean. The Dive was created by Norwegian artist Jana Winderen, who not only brought previously unheard sounds to NYC, but has a recording contract for her oceanic choir.

Up on street level the bubble boy was creating a colourful following with the hundreds of people taking advantage of the car free avenue. From 72nd to Brooklyn Bridge there was a tide of people in both directions, pausing only to jive as instructed or to take a lesson from Ben Franklin. He told me every event needs a historical presence and proceeded to list his achievements including being one of America’s founding fathers, inventing bi-focal glasses, discovering the kited connection of lightening and electricity and also being available for your next event, meeting or fundraiser. The only thing he didn’t do was sing, but maybe his style was land-locked. For me, I couldn’t stop thinking about the potential of White Pointers and the Port Lincoln Prawns…

DSCN9661DSCN9662ghost tunnelIMG_3206DSCN9670DSCN9674DSCN9681

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2 Responses to Swimming up Park Avenue

  1. Chrissy Hirst says:

    Ooooh even without Wedding Cake Island (Coogee my old home suburb!!) we MUST walk this!! 3 weeks to go!! Chrissy

  2. Dallas Colley says:

    Another day and another delightful “event” from New York

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