Coffee with Carson

The vernacular of the Big Apple has expanded over the past few days to encompass an Australian import and an MTA export. Flat white has been a coffee code between expats for years and now Starbucks has taken the word mainstream, complete with pictures and procedure. But man spreading is yet to even have a wikipedia entry. The verbiage is part of a campaign just launched by the MTA that focuses on politeness on the subway, and includes courtesies about eating, stepping aside for others and taking off backpacks. The breakaway favorite issue is men taking up excess space by sitting with their legs far apart – man spreading – and this has become a conversation worthy of downstairs at Downton Abbey. Although I can’t imagine Carson actually saying ‘Dude, stop the spread’, he would be a formidable patron of politeness….


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5 Responses to Coffee with Carson

  1. Peter Laurie says:

    Thanks for this advice. Am visiting N Y in March. Have made mental note to self “dont spread”

  2. Bruce R Paterson says:

    Recently whilst in hospital , draped in a tied up toga , a nurse was frantically trying to get my attention. It seemed that ” manspread ” is not a good idea whilst wearing a hospital toga and not wearing any underwear. Oh , the Embarrassment …

  3. Jenny says:

    …. so glad there’s a name for it …and a campaign against it…I can’t type for laughing….

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