Frozen beauty in Bryant Park


According to the weather report, the temperature is around -10*C today. It’s worth it!frozen1


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3 Responses to Frozen beauty in Bryant Park

  1. Geoff Stevens says:

    It just looks so wonderful – wish we were there. My wife and I rented an apartment for 2 1/2 months, on 51st near Broadway, about 6 years ago. We walked all of Manhattan. Enjoyed lunch every day at a top restaurants for 2 weeks during Restaurant week. Went to a Letterman show around the corner. Shopped at Wholefoods near Central Park. Went to many Broadway shows at 1/2 price. Just did so much. One of the best periods of our lives.

    • Fantastic Geoff – sounds like you made the most of every moment – and what a substantial stay you had. Two and a half months is brilliant, and the location of your accommodation was perfect for walking everywhere. Maybe it’s time to think about coming back…?

  2. Dallas says:

    It sure is a beauty thank you

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