Artful interventions

Snowmen fashioned out of marble by Vietnamese Buddhists under the direction of a Swiss artist who believes in ‘reality hacking’, terrariums where the fantastic properties of synthetic materials meet the phenomena of the natural world, and giant spools representing the 60 miles of footpaths through Central Park as well as the poetic, political and cultural significance of the simple act of walking, can only mean one thing. Art is back on the streets of NYC, publicists have not lost their verve, and Spring is on the way….!


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5 Responses to Artful interventions

  1. Dallas says:

    Thank you Gabrielle, another interesting and amazing view of your surrounds, The spools are a wonderful and very inspired addition.

  2. David Ord says:

    Wow Gabrielle the winter/spring sky looks wonderful and the art work is pretty bonza too
    Love your report thanks cobber

  3. Maxine Patterson says:

    Love the photos, especially the building through the terraniam with the magic blue sky. Thanks for sharing your talents. Maxine

  4. Mary Webb says:

    I can’t see the address for Stick with Me. I will be over in NY from 20 April. Love listerning to your early morning interviews with the great Rod Quinn.

    • Thank you Mary. Stick with Me is at 202A Mott Street – the closest subway is Spring Street, and there is a lot to explore in that area, with all the new spots opening in Nolita, and Soho just on the other side of Broadway. Wow, 20th April is not far away – have a fantastic time!

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