Opera at the MET (museum)

Tragedy was inevitable this week, when a witches spell, jealous lovers and dastardly deeds brought true love undone. But this was not the latest opera from the MET on the West side, but rather a week long multi-media event at the MET Museum on the East side. Played out with the creative and unlikely combination of an operatic score and shadow puppets, the 1499 work La Celestina was enacted in the midst of a marble courtyard from the same era. Even though much of the audio was lost on me, the drama was unmistakable. What an extraordinary combination of art and artists. The music came from England, the puppets from Chicago and the MET provided everything else. This Medieval play could have been performed in that very space in its original European location five hundred or so years ago. The sculptures would have been freshly chiseled and the audience just as engaged, but oh woe, the ending would have been the same….


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1 Response to Opera at the MET (museum)

  1. Dallas says:

    What a fantastic event, 1499 the plot could be 2015!

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