An Australian New York moment

You never know who you will run into in this city… and I was only going out for a coffee….


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12 Responses to An Australian New York moment

  1. Dallas says:

    OMG! Not my favourite person, I like that you are wearing red to match Rudd’s blue and white.
    I could say more …….

  2. ck1957 says:

    Ha that’s funny!! When my brother Stephen was in Bali he bumped into John Howard at a book signing!! It’s such a small world 🙂

  3. Rob Richardson says:

    A likely story lol Rob

  4. Ron Hammersly says:

    Glad you found the experience rewarding! The last fella I would want to meet.

  5. Geoff Stevens says:

    Gee, what bad luck. I thought it was going to be someone important, not a loser like Rudd.

  6. Katherine Woolsey says:

    It’s always good to meet someone you (know)!….

  7. Susan Kenny says:


    I am in New York, hoping to find my way to The Strand Bookshop and Trendy Buttons. If I don’t get lost and time permits I want to walk the High Line also. I am staying at The Beacon Hotel. Any suggestions? The subway is great but these are a bit all over the place but I guess I will work it out. Really enjoy your reports both on air with Rod on Overnights at home and on line. And I absolutely love New York.

    Susan Kenny Sent from my iPad


    • Hello Susan and welcome! Starting from your hotel you will be going to 4 corners of Manhattan if you do all these things today. As you are already on the west side, it’s probably best to start at the 33rd street end of the high line and walk it to 14th street. ( It would take you about 40 minutes to walk from the Beacon to 33rd street. Ask your concierge about the subway – it might be easier to jump in a cab – they are much cheaper here than in Aus ). At the end of the HighLine you can always pop into the Chelsea Markets for lunch ( 15th street & 10th ave ) and then walk over to the Strand on 12th and Broadway. Markets are on today in Union Square. Have a coffee at Breads Bakery on 16th between Union Square and 5th. Then the 6 line at the Union Square subway will take you uptown to to 59th street ( Bloomingdales ) and Tender Buttons is on 62nd & Lex. Wow – sounds like an excellent day – Enjoy!

  8. Maurie says:

    Love hearing you from NY. We have the pleasure of listening to Rod Quinn here in Toowoomba Qld via the NBN which is really great. I was quite amused by your comment where you talked about meeting Rod for the first time in Sydney and was taking time getting used to each other having never Rod is an exceptionally well versed gentleman, he is just so knowledgable about such a huge array of subjects, he must have quite an astonishing memory. A friend of mine is touring USA and is going to New York some time over the next month. I have emailed her your website as you give a lovely guidance and information for visitors.
    Always enjoy listening to you and Rod at three in the morning. Was amused about you running into Kevin Rudd.

    • Maurie you are absolutely right about Rod – he has a huge general knowledge and his special attachment to NYC makes for some excellent conversations. Thank you for being such a stoic listener!

  9. Wendy says:

    Six degree of separation they say.some times I catch your report always interesting .

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