Da Vinci

For the very first time ever last week when entrance to the biggest tennis tournament in the United States was free for everyone, the US Open turned out to be more like the US Closed. Instead of people streaming in to see mixed doubles and exhibition matches, thunderclouds and rain commandeered Queens and all but one women’s double was canceled. There were no queues and no crowds and even the merchandisers made disclaimers with ‘Not my Fault’ t-shirts.

Maybe it was an omen. The semi-final that was meant to be played that night was deferred to the next day, when under clear blue skies, dreams were unexpectedly razed and realised. If the game had been played as scheduled and I had seen it, maybe tickets for the women’s final would not have dropped from around the $1,400 mark to $600. Who knows? It’s hard for the home team- just ask Brazil. But mama mia, what a triumph for Roberta and the Italians. And with thunderstorms forecast again for Sunday, I wonder who will dare to reschedule the men’s final…


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