From Pavlova to Pastrami

While the texture may be vaguely similar – crunchy on the outside and succulent in the middle – the people behind the pastrami at the new general store on Avenue A bought mainly a sense of adventure from their previous pavlova business in Sydney. This new spot – Harry & Ida’s – transports you to a stylish old-worldliness, where Jewish grandparents would have been stoking the smoker in the back shed and the smell of polished wood and dried fish competed generously with bunches of herbs and freshly caught eel. It is not exactly the kind of place you would expect to find in the middle of New York City. But when the latest commercial activity in Times Square sees body painted topless women posing for (paid) photographs along with Superman and Spongebob, finding a snake bite kit in the East Village doesn’t seem that strange…



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3 Responses to From Pavlova to Pastrami

  1. Sandy Dee says:

    Gabrielle – you should have prefaced this with “may contain scenes that will disturb Vegans”. I’m really glad that New Yorkers are protected against random snake bites – I’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing that!

    • Ha! Don’t know how I’ve survived all these years without the kit!

      • Sandy Dee says:

        They probably sensed that you are a rugged survivor who would wrestle them into your backpack on the way to the ER! Love your quirky reports – the NYC that you have to be an insider/outsider to appreciate!

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