Fantasy shopping

What better place to breakfast, or to pick up a few last minute diamonds for the holidays than Tiffany’s…?! My Christmas list has long been finalised, but it was worth popping in this week just to see if there was anything worth adding. The piece named for the place, The Tiffany Diamond, has only been worn by two women, the wife of the CEO in the fifties, and of course Audrey Hepburn. She was photographed for the film with the last Mr Tiffany before the title was lost and the stone reset. These days the diamond has center stage in the store, having last been for sale ( for 24 hours only ) in 1972 for five million dollars. Since then there is no price tag – like many of the sparkling stones in surrounding settings – but the cheerful staff are happy to answer questions from the hundreds of curious tourists pouring through the door just to look. Apparently people do actually buy diamonds. But for some of us, the window displays outside are far more romantic – especially if you have a coffee and croissant…


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