Party time

The hottest ticket for the season was The Frick Christmas Party. Accompanied by a live quartet in the heart of the Collection, this legendary celebration rolled out 4 suckling pigs, a yard of smoked salmon and a bar stocked with everything except red wine, all in the midst of Rembrandt and Bellini and the envious exchanges of Moore and Cromwell. It wasn’t simply pot luck, some staff went to extraordinary lengths with their contribution – or the remains of it – and the spirit of generosity in this special place was more than just a seasonal splurge. Days later ‘cookie day’, a tradition started by two long time staffers 20 years ago, saw the dynamic duo bake hundreds of colorful confections for the entire 200+ staff. Not surprisingly, the curators have written odes to the bakers, while others have started preparing parades of potted pickles and Christmas has arrived at The Frick.

Santa-con was a little overwhelmed by spirits of Christmas past this year. While the appearance of the red suits was anticipated, less expected and much more interesting were the carolers on the balcony of The National Arts Club in Gramercy. Riding by on an almost summery evening it was a delight just to stop and listen. Similarly, Charles Dickens put in a fine performance at the Morgan Library. He read from his original handwritten script of The Christmas Carol making the begrudging Scrooge more life-like than we might have wished. Fortunately there was an angel on stilts to create a little diversion.

There is no snow, at least not yet. This New York Christmas is unlike any I have experienced before. But what a time. Last week an elderly lady, scarcely known, and now with generosity forever remembered, spontaneously presented me with a box of famous Plumbridge chocolates. The original store was doorbell-access only and has long been relocated from the plush upper east side to Connecticut. The chocolates were a precious gift and channeled the old New York along with the hope of the new. Just like The Collection, the city is forever evolving and full of special gems…

IMG_7210IMG_7325IMG_7308IMG_7312IMG_7246 IMG_7259IMG_7253IMG_7335

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4 Responses to Party time

  1. David ord says:

    Gabrielle many thanks for your wonderful reports and great photographs during 2015
    I have a trip planned to USA next year (first time) I will certainly look up some of the
    Special places that you have shown
    Have a warm ,safe and lovely Christmas
    David Ord (Brisbane)

  2. Lyndl Marshall says:

    What a lovely tribute to Christmas in its best aspects. The cookies, the readings, the pure generosity. Thanks for your reportage, graceful as ever, and thanks, too, for a year of loving New York’s out of the way treasures. Buena Natale! Lyndl

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