It’s all about family relationships. At least that is how the dinosaur docent explained the workings of the dinosaur dynasty at the Museum of Natural History today. The Museum has had a full house all week, welcoming their newest arrival – as yet unnamed – and at 77 tons, the biggest ancestor on record. Nicknamed Titanosauria, this prehistoric pubescent  is so big he can’t fit inside the exhibition hall. When they find the parents, the museum will have to build a new wing. But young Titanosauria knows he’s a rock star. Peeking out at children coming in – or fleeing the exhibition, his toothy grin says it all.

The Museum of Natural History has the biggest collection of actual fossil bones on display  in the world. It is awe inspiring to be in the midst of so much history, and to witness the joy of young children seeing these creatures for the first time. It doesn’t matter that Titanosauria is a lego set of fibreglass castings – the original bones would be too heavy to hang anyway. It is more the magic of the discovery – in this case by a farmer in Patagonia, the excavation of the fossils by a former student of the museum, and then the display of these pieces ‘for a limited engagement’. I asked the docent to pose for scale with the giant fossils which he did with pride, saying that even if it takes a 100 million years to get to New York, it’s worth the wait…!

toothy grinrunfootshadowIMG_7573docentoutside

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2 Responses to Titanosauria

  1. paul Goulding says:

    Thank You Fitzy ever so much for your fantastic reports from the big apple which I always look forward to receiving back home in Australia . Wishing you a fantastic year and please keep up the great work and happy Australia Day.
    Ps. hope you find another great Aussie Day Party to report on this year again.

    • Thank you Paul and a very happy Australia Day to you! We are having a white out here because of the blizzard, but are hoping everything will be calm by the 26th. It may not be BBQ weather but we will certainly find a place – and have a reason – to celebrate. Look forward to sharing the story with you…

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