Feels like…..

It was so cold in New York this week that an ice carving exhibition in Central Park had to be cancelled.

It was so cold that the Bryant Park Fountain could have substituted the sculpted effect of the ice carving.

It was so cold there was ice on the inside of the windows of the Morgan Library.

It was so cold that the temperature on Valentine’s Day, at minus 21*C, was perfect for chocolate and double wrapped roses…

fountainice windows-21

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4 Responses to Feels like…..

  1. Anne and Joe Toscano says:

    Hi Gabrielle
    At least NYC is doing what is expected this time of year
    Melbourne on the other hand is living up to its reputation of 4 seasons in 1day
    Our weather bureau said it would be the hottest summer ever but it has been wonderful
    Hope to catch you in NY C again
    Anne Toscano

    • Lovely to hear Anne – 4 seasons sounds perfect for all things fruit – strawberry frappes, hot apple cider, cold watermelon, peach crumble, apricots and ice-cream, mango mango mango!

  2. Terry Lee says:

    The temps are amazing to this Mallee country bloke.

    We are still ripping out temperatures in the mid to high thirties celcius after a bank of 40 degree days in January and little if any rain in February, though we had over 30mm on the last day of January but a paucity before that. Its dry and hot here!

    I can’t imagine the very modest fountain we have here in Kerang ever freezing over but if we did it’d be headline news in our Ganawarra Times newspaper! Don’t think its ever snowed but I could be wrong of course.

    Ssome fabulous photos – a wonder your camera did not freeze up let alone your kind self on your chilly travels.

    Really enjoyed your Post, as I do.

    Greetings from Kerang, Victoria – our daytime temp today was a very modest 30c and a chilly, I jest, 15c tonight!

    • Thank you Terry! I gave you a shout-out on the radio last week in appreciation of your message. Just by reading it, I could suddenly smell the Australian bush. Not bad for the middle of NYC so many thanks. Keep up the good work in Kerang and let me know if the fountain turns frosty…

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