Walking the dawg

There were tears with the announcing of the winner of the Westminster Dog Show last night. There can only be one winner – in this case a German Shorthaired Pointer – so the other 2,700 contestants had to be happy with a couple of days in NYC, sampling the bathroom products at the hotel and having an updo that would make most people’s hair curl. The locals were non-plussed, taking it all in their stride, no doubt because this is how  life is meant to be.

Jim Buck, the man credited as the first person to professionalize dog walking in NYC died not so long ago, when the simple service he introduced had morphed into a gazillion dollar industry. Times have changed. Speaking to dog walkers in Central Park in crispy cold conditions this week, it seems that the digital age has rewritten the rules. These days when dogs are collected from home a text is sent to the absent owner, who can then watch the progress of the walk via a GPS tag on Fido’s collar. A photo is snapped mid route, and a poo report soon follows. Fortunately the snap and the report are not necessarily simultaneous.  Then another text announces the safe return to home and the job is done.

At this time of the year, or at any time in NYC, dog devotion is the tip of the iceberg. Reports about the ill effect to best friends of salt strewn on snowy sidewalks is rampant. So boots are essential and jackets a must. And of course they all pose. Who needs Westminster when Bill Cunningham could be just around the corner…



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5 Responses to Walking the dawg

  1. lynda clarke says:

    I am sorry, but why have a dog at all???

  2. kerry lee says:

    I just typed a long reply and lost it. It basically saidI caught your chatt on 774 was 3.00am and a massive thunderstorm unfolded. You are in daylight and sunshine and its bucketing down here. Your spot on 774 calmed my hysterical dog as we tried to focus on pencils rather than thunder. Afterward (its now 4.00am) I Checed your sight. Love the pencils. Dog particularly likes the pooches in coates and boots. Have a great day

    • Thank you Kerry! I just love the vision of me standing on Fifth Avenue with the St Pat’s Parade marching past, talking about pencils, and you in Australia with the thunderstorms in the background and you trying to calm your poor dog by focusing on said pencils…. Hilarious! Hope you both have a restful day…!

  3. Louise says:

    Loved your Pencil talk early hours of today….took me back to age 10 when I received my first pack of 24 Derwents ! I tended to be very possessive of these at school and only selected friends were allowed to borrow…I think now I am also going to start collecting souvenir pencils, what a great idea and fairly cheap as well…always enjoy your talks with Rod !

    • Thanks Louise. I have a great collection of pencils, more than I could ever use, except that I also like to sharpen them… I had one of those electric sharpeners that would make a lovely sound ( and smell ) as I reduced their life span for the sake of a perfect point…

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