Glittering feet and gladioli’s

Well, not quite glady’s, but Dame Edna would approve nonetheless. At the entrance to Central Park on 60th and 5th Avenue, two stalks of perfect white orchids rise majestically thirty four feet in the air. It is as though their recent ‘planting’ heralded the beginning of Spring, and suddenly all eyes – even the glittery guy on Park Avenue – are looking up. In one week snow has turned to summery sunshine, breaking all records for March and fostering a flourish of flowers. Snow drops and crocuses blossomed overnight and the anticipation of Spring makes us all about to burst…


glittermansnos dropscrocus

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2 Responses to Glittering feet and gladioli’s

  1. Norma Blake says:

    Loving the gorgeous snowdrops,

  2. lorna wilbore says:

    How beautiful is that. Spring after a very cold winter.

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