Over the Rainbow

The flat tyre I discovered on my bike this morning when I arrived in Williamsburg was perhaps easier to fix than the spare tyre I was courting through my intended destination. The Bagel Store is recently in the news for making neon coloured bagels, and even though the graffiti on the bridge ride over suggested strange additives may impact brain function, who can resist psychedelic play-dough that with a twist and a steam becomes edible…?  It turns out I can, with a little divine intervention. The bagels are not baked until the hipster-friendly hour of 9am, and then the likely wait time in the queue is about 45 minutes. That’s regardless of whether you are ordering a cragel ( croissant and bagel ), the rainbow bagel with cotton candy, or the trending favorite, the rainbow bagel with funfetti. But the discovery of the flat tyre, and the calculation of my position in the queue against my landmarked date on the distant Manhattan skyline, meant that rainbow bagels would have to illuminate another day.

As I pushed my deflated bicycle back over the Williamsburg Bridge, begrudging the joy of freewheeling down the long slope to Manhattan, I wondered if my unspent calories could be credited towards a return visit. The cronut is being challenged for the throne of coolest must-eat in the city and the rainbow cragel may just tip the scales. St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, along with the opportunity to return to take my own photos and suggest an appropriately colourful combo… a green cragel with Bailey’s Irish cream cheese….

The Bagel Store - Brooklyn, NY, United States




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11 Responses to Over the Rainbow

  1. Sandy Dee says:

    Thanks Gabrielle – that is something really different, that’s for sure. You could set the table with those amazing split stem multi coloured roses for a total psychedelic experience. Mini versions would be awesome for kids parties. With all the additives they would be flying around the room. Your St Patrick’s recipe is unbeatable. Combined with green beer you can only imagine the effects!

  2. Irene Rofe says:

    These look positively YUK, especially before brekkie but the view from the Bridge was great– brings back happy memories for me.
    keep up the fine detective work on all things interesting and non interesting!

    • Thank you Irene. Yes, that view from the bridge is a beauty, and it doesn’t have anything like the foot traffic that the Brooklyn Bridge does. I feel like riding back over to Williamsburg – now I have my flat tyre repaired, just so I can see the city scape again…

  3. When next in Williamsburg check out the new BarOmar on Grand just around the corner from Bedford. BarOmara Parisian transplant. The land lord is an Australian sculptor who was one of first two artists to buy in Williamsburg back in 1981.

  4. Toni Ambler says:

    Thanks for your usual bubbly report. Thank you for all the effort you go to, to ensure we are presented with a fascinating cameo of New York life. Would you be so kind as to indicate (again) the title of the art book you so enjoyed. Many thanks,

    • Absolutely Toni – the book is ‘The Improbability of Love’ by Hannah Rothschild and it is an excellent read. Be prepared to suddenly want to sign up for Art History, or at least come to NYC to see the Van Dyke exhibition at The Frick. Who would have thought it could all be so interesting…?!

  5. George says:

    Heard about your flat tyre on the radio the other night. Wondered if you have heard of Gaadi tubes that you can put in without removing the wheel. You can replace the punctured tube and be on your way very quickly.

    I found this easier and more effective after patching up a tube about 3 times with only short term success. See http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/product-news/rubena-introduces-bicycle-inner-tube-can-fitted-without-removing-wheel-133637 . Saves having to walk your bike home. You will need to cut your existing normal tube in half to get it out, so a pair of scissors in your panier are a good idea.

    • Thanks George – this looks like a brilliant idea. My bike is a Dutch bike so the tyres are hard to get off ( and on again ). These Gaadi tubes look like they could save me a lot of trouble – thank you for your thought in sending this to me.

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