Swarms of blossom

The transformation of NYC from the back and white of winter to the glorious colours of Spring is a magical process. And this year more than ever. The tulips on Park Avenue are so iridescent you can hardly believe they are real, and the cherry blossom lining the Avenues and filling Central Park make breathing a scented pleasure. Some blossom can’t even wait for the branches to grow. These few precious weeks make you forget winter and forgive the intense humidity that is to come. It’s all worth it just for the spectacle.

yello tulipsredBryantcentralblossom swarm

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3 Responses to Swarms of blossom

  1. Annette Blake says:

    Thank you, your photos are beautiful

  2. Andrew Box says:

    Hi I have been following your Blog for years and want to ask your advice.

    My 27yo Daughter is going to New York for a week.

    She will probably Air B&B but can you suggest the best area to stay in.


    • Thanks Andrew – great to see you still tuning in! There are lots of good areas to stay and lots of considerations – proximity to the subway, local eateries and personal points of interest ( music / art / street life etc ). But if I were a 27 year old coming to NYC for the first time I think the area around Union Square going downtown would be the best. It’s an interesting cross section of people and you get a great sense of New York. Gramercy, Washington Square Park, the east village, Nolita etc. NYC is a walking town and this area would be an excellent kick off point. Lower rents can be found – but the upper west side or midtown west can put you a long subway ride away from the action and maybe a long walk to the subway as well. I think if you’re coming to NYC for the first time it’s good to have everything on your doorstep that you explore from. And Google’s ‘street view’ can be your best friend to get a visual impression of the immediate neighborhood. Hope this helps. Let me know if you get stuck.

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