Spring ducklings

While azaleas bloomed in spectacular abundance in Central park yesterday, and artists sketched their own picture while featuring in mine, the real action was happening in the garden at The Frick Collection. The ducks were back!

Every year for as long as anyone can remember, this pair of devoted ducks returns to the Russell Page garden to lay eggs and teach their little ones how to swim. It is an event that staff and art lovers watch out for with anticipation. The story goes that that one year the head gardener made a ramp at the water’s edge so the ducklings could be nudged rather than flung into their swimming lessons. Another year the New York Times reported on a policeman stopping traffic on fifth avenue so the family could cross the road safely to the park. Less joyously, an urban raccoon got to the eggs last year causing all the bushes to be sprayed with repellant this Spring, and so far so good.

The ducks seem oblivious to the attention they attract, watching the fish together and having a snooze. But this may be a trait of their upper east side lifestyle. There is sure to be a nanny on the job and in about a months time we will look forward to the patter of little paddlers. Watch this space….!




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3 Responses to Spring ducklings

  1. Paula S says:

    wow, such beautiful flowers. Wish we were there!

  2. Bruce R Paterson says:

    Thank you Fitzy for the beautiful pictures of Central Park in spring. Now that the last corner of Central Park is to be opened after 80 years closure I hope your camera and imagination will run riot.

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