Sleepwalking with the stars

Star gazing turned to sleepwalking on the High Line this week when clouds ruled out the first activity and a new sculpture by Tony Matelli made me rethink the second. Being confronted by a near naked sleep walker does raise questions about nocturnal knickers. The sculpture is so lifelike that many visitors to the HighLine thought it was, asking the sleeper questions and poking him for a response. But if he had been real, he would surely have been downstairs choosing which oysters to order rather than just dreaming about it. Chelsea Markets has changed. And it keeps getting better. The original biscuit factory was transformed into a gallery style collection of bakeries-at-work and now it has become even more visual. Seafood, pasta, or pork is displayed for your choosing and then whipped up in front of you. The choices are endless, and for the hungry walker who has been in a trance for the 20 block length of the High Line, it’s a delicious way to wake up…


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5 Responses to Sleepwalking with the stars

  1. Roz says:

    Loved the visit I had to the Highline
    And the amazing Chelsea markets

  2. Chrissy Hirst says:

    Darn incredible & yummo my friend!!

  3. I happened to be on the HighLine today. I saw this sculpture. I thought it was a real human, which shows how dumb I am.

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