Voting here for there

There is only one polling booth in NYC and it doesn’t have any electioneering solicitation or campaigning within cooee. That’s if you exclude the Brexit news in the foyer and the heavily bling’d Donald and Hilary in all the tourist stores on Fifth Avenue. But I could easily have voted for them too, the ballot paper was so large and had so many extreme options – perhaps I did. Under the auspice of one of the world’s most iconic buildings let’s hope my vote counted somewhere, for someone, and for some time…


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3 Responses to Voting here for there

  1. Sandy Dee says:

    Hi Gabrielle – glad to see you exercising your democratic rights. Your vote does matter – this is a close election. But more than that, the American example of what can happen when there are low voting rates and widespread disengagement with the political system shows why it is so important for citizens to at least consider the candidates up for election and indicate a preference through voting. Say what you will about the Australian political system, it has yet to produce a major party nominee as loathsome as Donald Trump.

  2. suzanne says:

    Nice to see the size of your polling booth, yesterday mine was approx. 36cms wide and the Senate paper around 100cms. I felt like a battery hen.

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