Midsummer merengue

The Midsummer Night Swing in Lincoln Centre has to be up there with the most fun, all time favorite events of NYC. Salsa was on the menu tonight and the Latino flavor was so all embracing that Castro or El Chapo could easily have been in the crowd and no-one would have noticed. In fact one old swinger danced around his walking frame with oxygen piped in. There was no age or size that didn’t fit. As soon as the music started the tapping and twisting and twirling brought the night alive. Salsa seems to be all in the hips, which gives me ample opportunity to blossom. And with merengue becoming a proven science for memory retention, I might even remember the moves. That places me perfectly for the swing nights – and with the Mint Julep Jazz Band playing from the 1930’s, and Black Rock Coalition Get Down Revue teaching  jump blues and the west coast swing on the long weekend, my memory will soon be better than ever…!

signold mandance1dance 6dance3dance4dance5merengue

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2 Responses to Midsummer merengue

  1. Sandy Dee says:

    Love this post. That well dressed man makes an oxygen tank look hip and epitomises the phrase “mind over matter” especially when it relates to having a good time and strutting your stuff!

  2. lorna wilbore says:

    That sounds absolutely wonderful. I love the photos, such a happy night.

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