On the street with Bill

Bill Cunningham has been a heartwarming part of NYC for so long it is hard to imagine the city without him. He was a living treasure, and spotting him on the street in that blue jacket, oblivious to everything except for the shot, was to experience a special New York moment. I saw Bill photographing Princess Mary at the Scandinavian Spring Gala, then ducking and diving with his camera around the costumed dancers at the Jazz Age Lawn party on Governor’s Island, and once he even photographed moi at the Union Square Farmer’s markets. Or at least he photographed my bicycle with a basket full of goodies and me holding the handlebars. The picture didn’t ever make the New York Times, but it doesn’t matter, I was there. Thank you for sharing your uniqueness Bill, the city salutes you…


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3 Responses to On the street with Bill

  1. Janet Cripps says:

    Lovely tribute Gabrielle. Bill Cunningham New York is how I came to know about Bill. It’s a wonderful film. A great loss not just to New York, but the world.

    • It is indeed Janet. I looked all over the city for a public tribute to him, and of course it had to be in Bergdorf’s window, right there on his favorite intersection at 5th and 57th. I’m glad we have the film to remember him…

  2. suzanne says:

    He gave the City soul. Such a loss.

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