Special K

Special K is more than just a breakfast cereal, especially when it comes with ‘milk’. At least that was part of our learning experience in the Emergency room of the Beth Israel Medical Center last Saturday night. Sean and I made an unscheduled visit to this soon-to-be-demolished hospital, after my fleet footed husband slipped down a staircase and dislocated his shoulder en route. It was an injury that cried out for immediate attention, so we joined the merry and the maimed in triage with the optimistic hope that all the pain killers had not yet been packed.

Every step of the process through X-rays and drips and analgesics was signed off, allocating responsibility and billing. Nothing new. But when Sean opted for anesthetics over au naturel to put his shoulder back together, the technician grinned, shaking a small milky bottle with the revelation that ‘this is what killed Michael Jackson!’ The ‘milk’ was to put Sean to sleep, and another drug, Ketamine, to take care of the pain. Together these drugs would knock Sean out for precisely 15 minutes, following which he would hopefully be put back together and have no memory of the squirmish. After a double dose of the cocktail that’s exactly what happened, and Sean came out grinning like a space cadet.

He wasn’t the only one. While I waited patiently in the corridor with Sean’s shoes, someone asked me if I was selling them. A colourful young woman newly acquainted with the legal drinking age danced around the room. The doctors remained cool regardless and modestly dismissed our gratitude not just for repairing Sean but for his unexpected trip to Disneyland. The King of Pop wasn’t quite so lucky. Apparently Ketamine is available on the street as Special K – it’s not manufactured but stolen from hospitals, probably theirs! Just as we were leaving, two fellows in handcuffs were escorted out of the hospital by police. They didn’t have the same glow that most of the visitors to Emergency shared – so maybe they were caught shop lifting in the breakfast aisle…

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10 Responses to Special K

  1. Lyndl Marshall says:

    Gabrielle – Welcome to my world…. although it seems Sean was treated without the usual four hour wait! I’m so happy that he was put back in shape with such speed and aplomb!

    All best,

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    Flick the wrong switch and Sean would have lit up like a Christmas tree lol

  3. James Alfred Hoggett says:

    Aled fell through the goat platform and did the same dislocation. Cracking hardy, he put it back into place himself. That’s what Special K for breakfast at the farm can do!

    Jim and Coral

  4. Hi Gabrielle – thanks for the story and great to know he is on the mend now. It’s really good to know medical help is available when needed. John

  5. Karl Taylor says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    Just wanted to say was great to meet you at The Frick, in the shop, I’ve now been to NY at least 15 times and never tire of visiting such a great art treasury. I’m not at all “arty” but if people go to one gallery only in their lives, this has to be it. Not sure if you have ever discussed it with Rod in the “early hours” on ABC, if not please let potential visiting “Aussies” just how good it is. Enjoyed ” Meet you in Hell” which I read on flight home.
    Regards Karl (Canterbury Victoria)

    • Hello Karl and yes, isn’t the Frick a special place? I have spoken about it with Rod a few times, most recently when I read ” The improbability of Love”, a fabulous book about the art world that changed everything for me. Suddenly paintings had a fascination and a social relevance that they never had before. Of course at The Frick, being able to have easy access to the art – and the back-of-house treasures, like the 2 lane bowling alley or the snooker room, is very lucky indeed. Look forward to seeing you next time!

  6. Debbie Nankervis says:

    I’m really glad Sean came through this with a smile on his face. Wonderful to read about your adventures in New York from here in the Adelaide hills Gabe. Great stories xx

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