Grammatically correct

Grammar was never my strongpoint. Even so, after 10 days of medical questionnaires and form filling to record Sean’s unscheduled shoulder realignment last week, it seems the linguistic landscape has changed. The question of ‘pronoun preference’ raised by the Orthopedic Surgeon showed just how out of touch we were. Ticking an M or F box is completely passe. Apparently some professional men now sign their correspondence with ‘he, him, his’ and staff at The New School on 14th Street wear badges stating ‘My pronoun preference is….’. That reference can include ‘Xe’, as individuals search for an alternative to ‘he’ or ‘she’ that is gender neutral ( as exists in Latin and many European languages ) and has more status than ‘it’ or ‘they’. There is always something new to be learnt, which turned my attention to adverbs, and fortunately Eataly was just around the corner.

Nutella has joined the Italian market at the Flatiron, bringing even more flavor to this perpetually tantalizing eatery. Chocolate and hazelnut brioche won over the crepes – not that you could make a bad choice – and this was after a full circuit of the cheeses, rotisserie, hot breads and salumeria. With all this edible energy no wonder Mr Batali is opening a new outlet at Gound Zero, and that his motto is eat, shop and learn. That’s two for two, so with pronouns and adverbs covered, it was time to complete the day with art and a little rest. Union Square provided the inspiration and there was complete agreement between subject and verb…

brioche2crepenutella barsculturehomeless

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6 Responses to Grammatically correct

  1. Maree Lombardo says:

    I have never heard of this new Grammar. I don’t think it applies to Australia. I will ask some of my friends. Maree Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 12:10:17 +0000 To:

  2. Marta Brysha says:

    Honestly, Xe! The world is going mad! Hi from the Tassie highlands. I spent 8 weeks in NYC in an apartment in Chelsea. Seeing the photos of Eataly brought back some very happy memories. Unfortunately due to a dairy allergy and being vegetarian most of what they had on offer was off limits for me, but I did cheat several times with the gelato – and boy did I pay for it the next day, but so worth it. Thanks for your blog, I get it straight to my inbox and read it every time. Hopefully when the aussie dollar gets out of the toilet I’ll be back in NYC for another extended visit.

    • Eight weeks! That’s a substantial dose of NYC Marta – you must have felt like a real local. Eataly is a fabulous place, always evolving with the most delicious products and all the things we love. Bad luck about the dairy allergy, but there is always wine! And looks like the Australian dollar is on the move, so I’ll be on the lookout for some vegetarian/non-dairy treats…

      • Marta Brysha says:

        Yes, I felt really at home in NYC – loved the way people would just stop and talk to you in the street. A bit like going in to Hobart. Most days I just picked a direction and walked. Something new to discover around every corner.

      • Great to hear Marta and congratulations on your beautiful art. I wonder if you have created anything that was inspired by your time in NYC? Incidentally I was at The Morgan a couple of weeks ago and encountered a group of nuns meeting with a curator to see the work that one of their sisters created about 100 years ago. The sister had used metallic thread to embroider illuminated manuscripts and, being a friend of Belle da Costa ( the first librarian for JPMorgan ) her work found it’s way into the collection. You never know where your art will end up and who will come to see it…

      • Marta Brysha says:

        Thanks for looking at my work and for the kind comments. The newest works are on my blog, in case you didn’t get there. In a way, all of my work post 2013 has been influenced by NYC, especially my current series (not up on the website yet), or rather all the work of all the fabulous artists I saw while there. It all ends up in the melting pot of my brain!

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