Crochet Reefers

Australians are making a splash in NYC with a lot of rubbish from home. Twin sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim currently have an exhibition at MAD featuring regular household plastic they have accumulated over many years. But this is not a one dimensional horror story about plastic, the twins are environmentalists, mathematicians and knitters, they have given TED talks, written books and invited thousands of other artists from around the world to join them in offering ‘ a tender response to dual calamities facing marine life: climate change and plastic trash.’  The result is a colourful collection of crocheted coral made with such precision that from a distance it almost looks real. Anenomes need only a few fish swimming around and beaded coral sparkles seaward. There is bleaching and there is beauty, and there is a sisterhood of science that offers a fresh perspective…


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4 Responses to Crochet Reefers

  1. Maxine Patterson says:

    How absolutely fabulous and a great message. Thank you for bringing it to our attention , I love your perspective on life, keep doing it. Cheers Maxine

  2. Leigh Toohey says:

    I really enjoyed your article on The Crochet Reefers, The Exhibition looks amazing. It would be great if it came to Australia.
    This has nothing to do with NY but I was wondering if you had seen Darwins Coral Warriors ABC News. They were doing a similar project to bring attention to the Barrier Reef
    Bye Leigh

    • Thanks for the head’s up about the Coral Warriors Leigh. I hadn’t heard about them until I followed your lead to the ABC and what an interesting serendipity! That article was only a couple of weeks ago, although they have been knitting for ages. And it would be great to connect all these crochet reefers – that would be fun – such good creative energy and such an important issue…

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