Grand Central West

For a New York minute the western side of Grand Central is on view. And what a sight! Cycling down 42nd street and finding one of the foundation gems of the city holding court amidst lego-like office blocks and towering skyscrapers is a view worth treasuring. The western facade has not enjoyed this angle of view for decades, and may never again. The block on the western side of Vanderbilt and 42nd street was cleared to make way for an environmentally friendly glass tower, the second tallest in the city, and ground was ‘broke’ this past week in anticipation. While the architects of the new building promise transparency on the ground floors, the view from Grand Central’s overpass, complete with Madam Chrysler’s reflection, will never be the same. So make the most of it. Like everything else in this city, those construction crews will not be sleeping…



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12 Responses to Grand Central West

  1. Geoff Wynn says:

    Hi Gabrielle. Listening to you with Rod Quinn in Sydney right now. Will be in NY for Xmas (Roosevelt Hotel) looking forward to Grand Central from the west. Do you need any vegemite?

    • Thank you Geoff! That is very kind of you to offer, but I still have supplies from my last visit home. Great to hear you are coming to NYC and that you are staying at the Roosevelt, where you will be in the midst of a lot of great NYC history – they shot part of The French Connection there. And Christmas time! What a gorgeous time to be here. The way things are going, it is sure to be a white Christmas…

      • Geoff says:

        Yes my daughter is looking forward to skating in Central Park on Xmas day. I have listened to your reports for years with Rod, we both can’t believe we’ll be there for Xmas and hopefully there will be snow on the 25th.

      • Thanks Geoff. I was in Bryant Park yesterday behind the NY Public Library and they were just setting up the skating rink. They must know you are on your way…

      • Geoff says:

        Gabrielle – You’d be best placed to ask, are there any real must sees in NY that won’t feature on TripAdvisor. We intend to explore a bit by foot if we can so would appreciate any suggestion for some of the more off beat or hidden treasures that most tourists miss.

      • The best thing is to explore by foot Geoff as you plan to do, because you never know what you might find. Like the day I went via Columbus Circle to visit the Bolivian Lama Party and there was a ballerina dancing in the middle of the intersection. At Christmas time there will be lights everywhere, but not just in the shop windows. ( Although Bergdorf Goodman are always the best! ) Definitely walk around the West and the East Villages, Union Square on Saturday morning for markets, Washington Square on the weekends for music, Bryant Park for skating, Noho for food, there are streets in Brooklyn covered in lights ( Dyker Heights ) etc etc. NYC will always surprise you, so just set off in a general direction – say to have a hot cider in Union Square on market day or a doughnut from Dough on 19th street, and things will happen around you. Most people feel compelled to do the touristy things – of course you must, but just stop for a coffee or a rest and enjoy the magic…

      • Geoff says:

        Gosh Gabrielle – you’re very generous with your time. Yes we had planned to do nothing but walk around for a few days so thank you for the tips. I was a little disappointed we couldn’t buy SOL Crown visit tickets, all sold out for the time we are there. But we will no doubt have a great time and your tips will be invaluable. I might try to post some of our photos somewhere for you to see – can we send you some of our NY snaps (though I’m sure you’ve seen it all before but the innocence of newbie visitors may hold some fascination. I will be using twitter. We also having some time in SFran, LA, Las Vegas, Washington and the Grand Canyon but I think my daughter has he heart really on being immersed in the culture of the big apple. Again my warmest regards Geoff

  2. kbrown1944 says:

    Hi Fitzy, in NYC at present & as part of our Grand Central Tour we walked around Grand Central and down Vanderbilt last Friday, but hadn’t appreciated that the demolished building on the corner has exposed the west side. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. Geoff says:

    Gabrielle – I just on forwarded your email to my daughter, Michelle and I’ve just started mapping your tips. We are staying at the Roosevelt so most of the places are walkable and I’ve just spoke with her (she lives in Darwin) and boy o boy is she excited. Sorry to keep bugging you but every email you reply to just adds to our excitement. The tipping culture will be different but I hope our accents get us out of trouble if we forget.

    • Absolutely! Your accent is your greatest friend. Love to see your pics – just sent me your twitter handle so I can see. And with the tips, don’t worry, just double the tax in a restaurant and you will be fine. That’s what the locals do.

      • Geoff says:

        Hi Gabrielle – on this trip I’ll be using @702bigtrev – as the name suggests I am an avid listener to Sydney 702 so I have heard you speaking with Rod Quinn for quite a while on Friday’s (our time). Do you have a twitter account. I clicked on the twitter symbol on your page and it wanted to go off to a word press address. So I didn’t sign up. If you do I’ll follow you and I’d like to send you a DM. All up I have about 9,000 twitter followers and would love to retweet your NY posts when I can. Regards Geoff

      • Hey Geoff – I finally worked out the twitter connection and thanks for reposting. Glorious weather – hope it holds until you and your daughter get here….!

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