Hello and goodbye

The psychologist is in at the Union Square subway station. At least he was a couple of weeks ago, encouraging straphangers to pause and post a note about the presidential pantomime. But what started as therapy quickly turned into a frenzy of colour, a swath of sticky notes, papering not only one wall adjacent to the six line, but many. Layer upon layer, pillar upon post, thousands and thousands of notes that together made art rather than anger. An excellent outcome.

Meanwhile across town people lined up around the block from the Cuban Embassy, waiting to sign the guestbook that had been collecting signatures for 9 days. No post-it notes, but lots of emotion.

And in midtown outside the Trump Tower, the Mayor was contemplating the cost of cops.  The tally comes in at $500,000 a day to protect the first family and some of his second and third. That will be $35 million by inauguration day. The oft circulated idea of turning Fifth Avenue into a bus-only zone may make the job easier. But Fifth Avenue with no cars…no cabs…no limos…no bicycles…?! Hmmmm…  it might be a good time to invest in Post-It notes…


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1 Response to Hello and goodbye

  1. Lyndl Marshall says:

    Only in New York! Good job, Ms Fitzy…

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