Hallett Nature Sanctuary

Eighty odd New York years is a long time. In 1934 a small section of Central Park near 59th street became a dedicated bird sanctuary and was closed off to the public. What must have a been a boon to birds also gave license to weeds, and as storms – including Sandy – pulled down trees and added to the great tangle of the 4 acre wilderness, the Park eventually had to intervene. Groups of students pitched in to build paths, craftspeople moulded benches out of the fallen trees, while leaving some as records of natural history. The rest of the city carried on regardless. So now there is a wilderness bubble in the Park where 20 people can visit at a time and breathe the fresh contrast between city and nature. Relatives of the Murray Cod can compete in size with their southern cousins. And the birds… the birds? I think they have been there all the time, tangle or tame. Yesterday I saw not one but three red cardinals looking perfectly at home…

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3 Responses to Hallett Nature Sanctuary

  1. Joy Marshall says:

    I love this report, giving nature a chance no matter how small a space in a concrete jungle. In a some what crazy world !! The timber work is just beautiful. Thank you Fitzy

  2. Lorna Wilbore says:

    What a lovely little spot to sit and be still in an otherwise busy and noisy city.

  3. Merle Blatch says:

    Unbelievable that such an unspoiled spot exists in such a busy city

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