Heaven had a geographical location this week. As fast as green leaves were unfurling from wintery starkness and lilacs proffered a perfume worth waiting for, blossoms tumbled over each other, as pink and then white and then pink again created a spectacle of beauty in Central Park. Like watching floral fireworks, people oohed and aahed and then paused, wanting to somehow make it last. The show will dazzle for the coming days – at the Conservatory Gardens in particular, so check your wings and enjoy the moment…

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5 Responses to Spring!

  1. Sally Goldie says:

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Merle Blatch says:

    What a gorgeous display and good to see people enjoying the park

  3. Ken Barrett says:

    Beautiful colours to see as we move into another cold , wet winter here in Melbourne.

  4. Just beautiful! We visited The Conservatory Gardens in November, where we spoke to the guy in-charge of the bulb planting. He said they were planting 40,000 bulbs. What a picture.

  5. Lorna Wilbore says:

    Absolutely beautiful and a gorgeous space to wonder and enjoy and indeed paint.

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