The Fitzy report live and blogging!

In 2003 I moved from Sydney ( nee Port Lincoln ) to midtown Manhattan to find adventure and to work with my husband on high end photography & film projects. Since 2005 I have reported my findings regularly to the restless and dedicated on Radio National Overnights in Australia. From sourcing decent coffee to the best markets, or reporting from a shoot in Harlem or on location in the Faroe Islands it has ( and will continue to be ) a lot of fun. But now you have the option to stay in bed and read about it in the morning….

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28 Responses to The Fitzy report live and blogging!

  1. Louise says:

    Thanks Fitzy for the insights into NYC!

  2. Sandra Gordon says:

    As a lover of NYC I enjoy listening to Gabrielle in the early hours of an Australian morning . always disappointed if i wake too late. jumped out of bed this morning to note this web address . may i win tats lotto so that my dream of living , even just part time , happens and soon.


  3. Wendy Ross says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I was so pleased to hear Rod give out your blog this morning, I have been enjoying your NY reports for years and marvel at the fact that you have retained your Australian accent.
    Enjoy your trip to Maine with Leanne.


  4. Jill says:

    I heard your talk with Rod today…always enjoyable.Thanks.

  5. Sue Lonsdale says:

    Gabrielle I am am Aussie and my sister and I have just returned from a week in New York after staying in Williamsburg and then in Times Square. What an absolutely wonderful city you live in and and the people just blew me away. Absolutely lovely. The city was full of Aussies but we kept away and just socialised with the locals. Loved it and was sooo sad to leave. We went to San F after and that was lovely (very lovely) too. (I am 57 years and my sister 48) Boy did we have some fun!!!

  6. bruce says:

    HI Gabrielle, love listening to you in the early hours, I love your story about the blind lady and her dog, keep it up great listening to you. Bruce from Bali.

  7. Dianne Fusedale says:

    Hello Gabrielle,
    Caught you on the radio for the first time and really enjoyed your segment. We have just come back from New York and wondered whether you had been to EATALY (200 5th Avenue) – a bit pricey but we just loved the atmosphere and the food. Well worth the visit!

  8. Lee Gillespie says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I too am an appreciative Aussie who also heard you were blogging as well as your late /early morning chats with Rod Quinn. Have very fond memories of NY and will return again. Thoroughly enjoy hear ing all your thoughts and comments on the city, you always manage to take us along for the ride with you!

  9. Annie says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I am another aussie fan who loves hearing about NY through your eyes. I was thrilled to hear you had a blog ( I love your little films too) . If only I had gone to NYC AFTER reading your post about Cafe Sabarsky. I was so close by but as it was a really hot day, I sought refuge in a gallery instead. Being a music fan, I hope you will be able to post about some of the live music venues in the future. We stumbled upon the fabulous City Winery and Joe’s Pub by accident. Thank you again for all your information.

    • John Rowe says:

      Hi Gabrielle, Sure would like to hear some more about music in NYC. Do you know Nicki Parrott? If you don’t she is an Aussie playing bass for the top groups over there. She plays a lot with Rossano Sportiello and Harry Metz. It would be good if you could dig out some of the muso’s over there and interview them.
      Cheers for now,

      John R. (Melbourne) Home of good music.

      • Thanks for the tip John – always appreciated – I have sent out a request to Nicki for an interview and hopefully will be able to post a live recording with some Q&A. Stay tuned…

  10. Andy Ralph says:

    Hey Gabrielle, you’re a good honest South Australian like myself! I’m a river rat from Renmark but living in Kakadu National Park last 25 years. Loving your reports on 4am ABC Radio reports, especially the last episode from Vegas when your husband was 60 floors up a building……on the outside in a glorified bucket! We were on the 2009 G’Day USA Roadshow and flew into NYC the day after Suti flew into the Hudson (that pilot did a great job), it was freezing for our Kakadu mob and we went outside 86th floor Empire State building at -10c…….felt like jumping off the bloody thing! Anyway, love your live crosses and video blogs. You on ABC again in 2012? Merry Christmas! p.s. we’re bracing ourselves for a Christmas Cyclone!

  11. Janet says:

    Love your segment on the radio – we’ll be there in May for 5 days, am jotting down your reviews to add to my list. Looking forward to a tour of BAM – the restoration sounds really interesting I think it’s called ‘frozen in time’ so it has been restored – but all the wallpaper is still peeling and the proscenium is quite uneven! Keep up the great reports. Glad you are a bike rider – me too – I rode across USA when I was young, But I will def be picking up a bike for the week while I am there! Best wishes Janet North Sydney

  12. Helen O'Connell says:

    Hello Gabrielle I really enjoy your reports on Rod’s show. I was lucky to go to NY in January 2009 for 10 days. I had a great time. I hope you are coping OK with the after effects of Hurricane Sandy. Best wishes. Helen

    • Thank you Helen. Glad to hear you had a great time. The city is looking a bit different since Sandy was here but we are hoping to get power & water back by the weekend! Please come again!

  13. I personally tend to agree with the whole thing that has been authored throughout “The Fitzy
    report live and blogging! | TheFitzyreport”. Thanks
    a lot for all of the tips.Thanks for your effort-Winnie

  14. gerry walsh says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    I enjoy listening to your report on the ABC with Rod.Having visited NY it is easy to visualise the accurate details. I will now really appreciate my daily intake of my flat white ,I am presently enjoying a wonderful holiday at Bateman`s Bay on the the Sth coast of NSW.
    Gerry Walsh-Sydney

  15. Ron Hammersly says:

    You indeed live in a unique part of the world. The city that never sleeps. Until recently I did not even know where the Faroe Islands were. Now I’ve been there too. I could have left this planet without even seeing the place. Thank you for your way of updating Aussies to the rest of the world.
    Ron – Kempsey Australia

    • Thank you Ron – I am very happy (and impressed) you made it to the Faroe Islands. It is a special place, somewhat out of the way but so worth the journey to get there. Please don’t leave the planet just yet – I hope to have a few more places to share before long….

  16. Ray Wolarczuk says:

    Hi there,love listening to your talk and report 0n all things going on in new York and on north west coast Tasmania I do an early morning paper delivery service ,your segment keeps me awake,and your talk ,chat with rod is great. thanks very much

  17. Geoffrey Cook says:

    Gabrielle, I was fortunate to be awake this morning to hear Rod say he was going to chat with you tomorrow morning ( Sunday ). Have set the alarm to wake me up before the “ quiz “ finishes so I don’t miss a word. Have an happy Christmas. Many in OZ will be weeping as a result of the fires. Cheers from the Cookies of Glaziers Bay Tasmania.

    • Geoffrey you made my morning! I hope I can also make yours (or at least make it worth getting up) with stories and good cheer from Budapest. My heart bleeds for Australia & the tragedy of lost lives – it seems the whole country is on fire. Sending rain and all the best for Christmas and 2020. Hope those Tasmanian cherries are as plump & plentiful as ever. Cheers to the Cookies, Gabrielle.

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