Hot Cross Buns

The bakers of New York turned out a bun bonanza just in time for Easter. I had been despairing in the preceding weeks of even finding a slightly spiced fruity treat, but maybe the bakers were doing my buns a favor by tightening the window of indulgence. Amy’s can always be relied on to provide wholesome and ‘old-fashioned’ goodies including HCB’s, and their bunny bread was a bit of fun. But Eataly overcooked theirs, Eli Zabar used candied peel that looks pretty but still tastes like candied peel, and Balthazar only baked theirs on the weekends, so I missed that option altogether. So it was up to Le Pain Quotidien  – a Brussels born artisanal bakery, to set the standard this year. Their buns were heavy with fruit, moist and just small enough to get away with eating pre-Good Friday. But be warned, their pastries are delicious and they also do an excellent raisin and walnut bread all year round…..

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