Conservatory Gardens

Riding through Central Park on a perfectly glorious Easter weekend would have been joy enough, but even though I was heading north with the expectation of finding the Conservatory Gardens, the first sight of the valley filled with pink and white blossoms was nevertheless breathtaking. Lasseter himself could not have been more dazzled. Sean & I have been regular visitors these past few weeks, enjoying the first of the magnolias and the daffodils, now the cherry blossom, and in a couple of weeks the tulips in the French garden – all 21,000 of them, will be showing themselves off. So if you are thinking of adopting a permanent garden bench for yourself ( like a good friend of mine is ) , this haven in the Park would be an excellent choice. Apart from the $7,500, all you need do is think of the words you want inscribed on the bronze plaque….


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