accommodation mission

While on a mission to find inexpensive but safe and central lodgings for friends coming to NYC next Spring, I inadvertently found some excellent accommodation that just happens to be a mission. Inadvertently because I was on my way to a beekeepers meeting, and the mission being a Lutheran Mission for seafarers and sojourners. With such a wonderful name, inspiring thoughts of wind-in-the-hair adventurers on the sea of discovery, the House had to be good. It was. The receptionist cheerfully gave me a tag to access one of their 11th floor double rooms with a private bath. It was immaculately clean, and my boarding school eye could not but admire the perfectly made bed. Tight as a drum, it not only would be impossible for a bedbug to take up residence, but a quarter bounced clear and high without any encouragement. While the room is not sexy, at $136 for a weekday ( $145 on Friday & Saturday nights ) it doesn’t need to be, and the location on east 15th street easily makes up the points. So if you are setting sail for the Big Apple, and are looking for some cheerful accommodation, consider the Mission accomplished.

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3 Responses to accommodation mission

  1. Laura Lawrence says:

    must say this accomodation looks more inviting than the “Art Gallery” featured recently! I think your friends would approve of this one. I have added it to favourites on the off chance of a trip! I look forward to your blog coming through as i don’t very often catch you with Rod Quinn these days. Laura

    • Absolutely Laura – The art gallery hotel is interesting to visit but sleeping is another story! I understand from the Mission that they have limited rooms with private bathrooms, so make sure you book well in advance. Also I was told their prices go up at the beginning of each year, although only by a few dollars, so it will still be very good value whenever you visit. Now it is 28*C, a balmy evening, perfectly calm and the lights have just come up on the Chrysler…

  2. Chrissy Hirst says:

    Gabrielle – you were :on your way” to see a what???-keeper???? (:))))))) Chrissy

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