Magic menagerie

Gabrielle blowing her horn is always a welcome sight – especially when she is heralding in Christmas at the Rockefeller Center. But her piping has conjured up more magic than usual this year – Fifth Avenue is bejeweled with curious creatures. Cartier contrasts a golden jaguar with crimson ribbon, a glittering gekko glowers over Bvlgari, Henri Bendel hosts an ostrich hiding in haberdashery and Berdorf’s boasts a galah front and center of it’s famously dressed windows. The walk is an adventure in itself, although the windows at Saks tell their own tale. Like the pages of a book, one window leads to another telling the artful story of the young yeti who sets off from his snowy home for New York, seeking adventure with a camera and a map. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar….. but how will it end? According to the windows, you ain’t seen nothing yeti….


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8 Responses to Magic menagerie

  1. Linda Lyons says:

    I love a New York Christmas! What has happened to the giant snowflake decorations that usually adorn the buildings around the angels at the Rockefeller Centre?
    Just love your blog keeping us informed with what is happening in this beautiful, vibrant city.

  2. Dallas Colley says:

    Magical indeed wonderful pics thank you Gabrielle.Hearts to you

  3. Lynn Vernon says:


    Live in the Blue Mountains NSW – and love your blog. Looked at it before my daughter and I made a trip to NY in June – 11 shows in 10 days! PLUS galleries. We stayed in West Village and used many of your recommendations – even bought the Grammercy Tavern cookbook. Coming back for her 42nd birthday on 42nd St in July 2015.

    Cheers and Merry Xmas

    Lynn Vern

    • Wow, that’s an excellent record – go Lynn! and I’m happy my recommendations worked. Celebrating a 42nd birthday on 42nd street is a fun idea ( you could have cocktails at the Campbell Apartment ) – I’ll keep my eyes open for new places on 43rd and 44th just in case….

  4. Louise says:

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”… thank you Bing Cosby and thank you Gabrielle for sharing these beautiful images. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and you bring NY a little closer for us! Awesome! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas time.

  5. Jenny R says:

    We’re here in NYC from Oz for 3 1/2 weeks and loving it….the Christmas windows are our favourite….great photos Fitzy…thanks, Jenny

  6. Fen says:

    Wow, how very decadent!

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