( Chocolate ) Babka Yoga

The summer solstice breathed energy into the heart of Times Square at sunrise this morning with thousands of disciples inhaling the light and expelling the darkness. The instructor managed to focus the crowd and be almost oblivious to the surrounding neon extravaganza. It was a collective meditation that enthused me by proxy. Historically, my downward dog was never really up to scratch despite sporadic sessions of good intent, but the freshness of the morning and the celebration of the day gave promise of greater inspiration to come.

Breads Bakery is one of my favorite temples of indulgence that offers more physical sustenance than spirituality – although with chocolate these boundaries are not so clearly defined. For the solstice, Sean and I joined a tour of enthusiasts who were invited to share the specialness of ‘the back’ of the bakery. Here we found Adir, the chief pastry maker and his girlfriend Sharon, a mechanized rolling pin whose intimate time with the chef left no room for contenders. Days can start at one am, and with a record set of 530 chocolate babkas sold in one day, Sharon and Adir look to be an item for some time to come.

The secret of the chocolate babka is in the practice. The ingredients are important – the pastry must be many layered and baked with butter that will provide the right flavor and flakiness. Nutella is the proven spread that with just the right thickness and added chips will not fuse with the pastry during the baking process but provide rich ripples of chocolate under a crispy crust. But to reach true nirvana with the babka, the maker must have a generosity of spirit.

The passion of Adir for his craft was as obvious as his skill. Thanks to Sharon the pastry was a perfect thickness, Adir then lacquered on the nutella with lightening precision and an enthusiastic young adherent assisted with the sprinkles. The discipline of the roll was all in the wrists, with repetition guiding the energy flow from muscular to the metaphysical. Plaiting was a blur of consciousness but weighing meant every piece would bake to perfection. When you are making 160 of these a day there is no time to waste, especially when there are also croissants, pretzels, foccacias and bountiful breads to oversee. But the whole process was all the more interesting because of the openness of the instructor. There were no secrets and while this is not something I would necessarily try at home, I can imagine having a new mantra if ever I get back to the mat. In the meanwhile, disciples of the chocolate babka can practice at Breads Bakery every day…


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4 Responses to ( Chocolate ) Babka Yoga

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    Thank you for the scene from the back of the bakery, mouth watering delights. Times square transformed. Hobart Derwent River was the location in Tasmania 750 naked women & men dashed in and out of freezing water and the outside temperature 11 degrees C. I viewed this event on tv perchance you thought I was there in naked glory!

  2. Tess says:

    Thank you again for your post Gabrielle … I feel as if I am there with you. Our winter solstice was warm and overcast but the next day was perfect sunshine and I celebrated it by going for an interesting walk in my neighbourhood and having some wonderful discoveries. However my phone photos were no comparison with yours! I wrote about it as part of a WordPress challenge: http://tessross.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/choosing-between-the-two-solstices/. Not trying to promote just thought you might be interested in my comparisons between the two solstices! Tess

    • Absolutely! An excellent story Tess and I always appreciate hearing from you thank you. Great to know you are planning a trip to NYC and sounds like you will be traveling in style. Good for you! I am wondering about that freezing skinny dip in the Derwent as a way of celebrating the winter solstice next year….?!

      • Tess says:

        Yes I heard about the skinny dipping! And since I wrote I’ve found out that here in Brisbane the Danes have a Vikings Club and they do things every year. However, there is no skinny dipping involved, just a big bonfire and the burning of witches! Not real of course, just stick witches … thought that was rather interesting. I’m trying to convince my husband re New York as we speak!!

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