The Presidential birthday

Valentines Day and President’s Day rarely fall on the same holiday, but in some ways they fall on the same page. For the long weekend just past, the shops were full of sales during the day and the restaurants were full of lovers at night. The monetizing of love and history seems overwhelming, but even so, the offerings in the shop at the New York Public Library make you think twice. Profit or patriotism? Mixed in with all the beautiful books and educational gift items, you can buy a stars & stripes bowtie, fridge magnets with presidential quotes, decks of knowledge cards profiling every state, socks emblazoned with John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, or a silk tie printed with the portraits of all the American presidents. This really is wearing your loyalties front and center…


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2 Responses to The Presidential birthday

  1. Dallas says:

    I love the banned books bracelet, the shop a collectors heaven

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