Scream for ice cream

The latest hotspot for ice cream in NYC was a melting pot of impatience this week, when temperatures went up, lines went down the block and supplies ran out. At 9.30 on Monday night a taste of ‘black ass licorice’ from Morgenstern’s seemed like the perfect end to a long summer day, but with a 45 minute wait – minimum – the only pleasure was in exchanging flavor favorites with other line dwellers and bets on which would still be available before the doors closed. Van Leeuwin’s, in close proximity and with tried and tested options, seemed like the next best thing. The crowds were gone, but so were the frozen favorites, and no amount of spinning vinyl would soothe the lack of feast. But help was at hand thanks to the Australian invasion at the local Flinders Lane. There was no line, although there should be, and there was plenty to share. The desert of the day was chocolate bread pudding with plum sauce and milo ice cream. Delicious! And best of all, it’s good for you…!

queuevan leesold outturn tablemilo2

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2 Responses to Scream for ice cream

  1. Kathy Cree says:

    Wow, more gems to try on my next visit.
    I wanted to thank you for all your tips as we left NY on 15/08 just shy of the extreme heat. We visited or did many of the things you have written about and discovered more of the Big A than we had before. Many thanks.

    • Thank you for letting me know Kathy – it always gives me pleasure to know the things that I enjoy are also enjoyed by others. You know NYC – it could always go two ways! But there will be more for next time – an aquarium carousel has just opened in The Battery, and that sounds like a perfectly cool option for the weekend…

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