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Waldorf now & then

The Waldorf Astoria has been the place to stay since the doors first opened in 1930. Kings and queens, presidents and princesses, movie stars and musicians graced the halls, ‘kept a room’, or swung by for a cocktail. The hotel … Continue reading

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The Explorers Club

Explorer or adventurer? Traveller, historian or curious…  The Explorer’s Club welcomes you all – although you have to achieve something seriously scientific to become a member. Like land on the moon, or discover the North Pole, or be like Robin Bell, who has just … Continue reading

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My suitcase was just not ready to come back. At JFK, my olive green two wheeling 29.9 kilo treasure chest was a no show. Maybe it was the responsibility of carrying 4 tubs of my mother’s precious tomato relish back … Continue reading

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There is no time to sleep! You might miss Jack Sparrow on his way to Comic Con, masked rockers playing in the subway, or the Mary Poppins lookalike at the markets encouraging you not to feed her felted birds… In … Continue reading

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Mango fever

The gold rush in Australia is far from over. In fact if you are in Darwin at this time of the year, it is only just beginning. Recently, after 37 hours in transit from NYC, what I thought was the … Continue reading

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Travel the world through chocolate

Having the words chocolate and travel in the same sentence is a good start. But when you find them in palatable partnership it is even better. A quick errand on Madison Avenue this week turned into an international jaunt when … Continue reading

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I have never felt so clean in my life. At the end of a hectic week I travelled with two Russian women from the heart of NYC to the fringes of New Jersey and found myself in Korea. At the … Continue reading

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Roosevelt Island

Franklin D Roosevelt is considered to be one of the greatest presidents of the United States, so in some ways it is a little strange that in NYC his name has been stamped predominantly on a relentlessly busy highway and … Continue reading

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Hurricane Hercules

Hercules was not the hurricane we were expecting. Instead of the fury of 56 KM winds and zero visibility, we awoke to a feathery stillness on Friday morning with a good six inches of snow and glorious blue skies and … Continue reading

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Peeking at Poughkeepsie

Over three years ago I read a heartwarming story in the Times about the restoration of a massive footbridge that brought new energy to a recession clouded community upstate. The bridge crossed the Hudson at Poughkeepsie, about an hour and … Continue reading

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