Central Park gardeners and their tips

Garden lovers of all varieties – workers, volunteers and viewers ( like me ), were out in force at the weekend. Sunday especially was spectacular. The warm weather and the full moon – and maybe a good dose of global warming – meant that blossom and buds were shooting all over the city. In Central Park we diverted to the Conservatory Garden, one of my favorite places in the park, wondering what splendor was breaking ground. It was too early, but one of the gardeners set us straight about what to expect this year. In the French section alone there are 21,000 tulips planted, chosen for their complimentary colors and their ability to all bloom at the same time. ( If you’re around in May when the tulips are finished, the Park gives the bulbs away. ) The tulips are planted in sand mix to offset any disease developing, and weeds are sprayed with clove oil. How great is that? The success of the flush of tulips depends on their being plenty of rain during the Spring. If there’s not and the Park has to depend on city water, they are competing with everyone else which lowers the water pressure, and plants have to be watered by hand. True love. In any case, watch this space, the landscape is about to be transformed….

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