Buon Appetito!

A small sandwich shop in the middle of the financial district is the last place you would expect to find love. This is the tough end of town, where wolves from Wall Street and politicians from City Hall prowl around wheeling and dealing. You have to be something special to survive. Eatily may be the glamorous new addition up the road, and South Seaport to the East may fringe Brooklyn views with trending waterfront eateries. But Pisillo on Nassau Street has Carmelo & Antonella and a team of Italians that are as passionate about their welcome as they are about food.

Seeking out the famously generous and authentic sandwiches favored by Mayor De Blasio and the ravenous locals, Sean & I were caught out by the cash only sign. Not wanting to venture back out into the 2*C wind for a bank, I presented $11 and asked if this would work for a taste of Italy. It may as well have been a hundred dollars. Within moments we were presented with a mega panini bursting with fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and layer upon layer of finely flounced prosciutto. This was not just a sandwich, it was a work of art.

The windows and walls of Pisillo are covered with messages from happy customers around the city, and around the world. No wonder they have expanded into next door with coffee and cake offerings – they are going to need the wall space. And that’s before the Australians arrive. When I spoke to Carmelo about coming back before he gave everything away, he just smiled. This is a love affair that is just beginning…


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7 Responses to Buon Appetito!

  1. Linley says:

    Thanks Gabrielle. I’ll be going to Pisillo in June and must remember the cash only tip. This year in Oslo I was discouraged from taking cash out of an ATM. Told you need no cash in Norway ! But for one coffee I said ? Use your card. Then I noticed the loos at the Central Rail and Bus Station were pay ones. Told they take cards too ! Ciao Linley.

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  2. Pauline Ley (Melbourne) says:

    Thanks again Gabrielle! always love hearing you (on radio) or reading your insights on this blog. Makes the distance between Melbourne and NY seem less than it is. You write/speak with remarkable eloquence and style. Please know that you are appreciated here in Oz.

  3. Merle Blatch says:

    I’m salivating at the sight of that food! Wish I was there

  4. anna maria says:

    Italiani che vi recate in viaggio a New York, andate da PISILLO PANINI vi assicuro che è il miglior panino italiano in tutti gli States, lo l’ho mangiato e ritornero’ a New York solo per gustarlo di nuovo

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