Lunch with Rod

Eataly has never disappointed. And just as well. Doing lunch with Rod Quinn in NYC for the second time in a decade, I only wanted success. And interesting, delicious, fun, and with just the right amount of buzz. No pressure! The Flatiron was an excellent starting point. From there we could do Eisenberg’s, Chanson, City Bakery, Eataly rooftop, Edition Hotel, Maison Kaiser, Beecher’s, Dough, LA Burdick or even Shake Shack in Madison Park. We could have burgers, pastrami on rye, pretzel croissants, homemade pasta, oven baked pizza or something really flash. Like wild Alaskan salmon with lemon scented Spring vegetables… You can only have lunch once. Eataly it was!

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21 Responses to Lunch with Rod

  1. Chrissy Hirst says:

    Rod will be chatting about that meal for certain!! It looks a little cold on the day….

  2. Maureen O'Rourke says:

    Great to see you and Rod together. Two of my favourite people. Tell Rod to get back to work, I miss his wit.

  3. Directional Sign Company says:

    Please tell Rod to hurry back.

    Well not really he deserves the break


    Lynden Cooper Gold Coast

  4. Christine Hallinan says:

    Fabulous! Looking forward to hearing about your bi-decennial lunch on the wireless.

  5. phantom,SunnyCoast says:

    Gabrielle , you are looking New York good. Rod looks like he has been “starving himself” so he may enjoy all the culinary delights that NYC has to offer. Enjoy your break with Gabrielle, Rod.

  6. Vicki says:

    Lucky Rod, would you do that for me Gabrielle too, it’s my dream to get to NY some day….sooner than later

  7. Russell and Maxine Patterson says:

    Russell & Maxine Patterson
    Sent from my iPad

  8. Jane says:

    Tell Rod to hurry up and get back to work please!

  9. Christine Bodfish says:

    Great photos and food looked good. Don’t forget to come back to ABC Rod; we wouldn’t like you to stay in the wonderful NYC. Envious++

  10. lynda clarke says:

    Good to see you together, tring to post to Overnights group page!


  11. Peter says:

    Dear Gabrielle, is that Rod looking happy. What did they put in his food! I am pleased the meal went well. And I trust you both had an enjoyable catch up. Is that beautiful building adjacent the Broadway? Bye for now, Peter.

    • Hello Peter – Yes, Rod was in excellent spirits which the food – and New York – no doubt contributed to! We met in front of the Flatiron Building on the corner of 23rd, Broadway and 5th, just up the road from Union Square – and from Beecher’s, where you might remember we had a very good coffee a couple of years ago. That part of town is pumping these days – pity about the orange traffic control in the background, but I wanted to get a shot in an iconic setting. And where in NYC can you get a clear shot…?! 33*C here today so will be envisaging a cool sea breeze from Henley Beach…

  12. Sharon says:

    Great to see Rod and you having lunch.

  13. Marlene Biddle says:

    Absolutely love Eataly so fresh and so much variety ….first taste was in Milan hooked now😍

  14. Helen a says:

    What a great treat with Rod !

  15. Clarissa says:

    We have enjoyed your chats over the years & now it is just marvellous to see you two together..Enjoy every moment.

  16. Sally Goldie says:

    So good to see Rod Quinn in NYC. You must have had a great time together, catching up after a long time. Fantastic, but looking forward to having Rod back on air again soon.

  17. Irene Rofe says:

    What fun irene and sarah

  18. shazlou11 says:

    Eataly. Good choice. It was incredibly busy when we ate there.
    Love the fitzy report. Keep it coming.

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