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Don’t say I told you!

The Amateur Comedy Club on East 36th street is a club for members only, they do not advertise and they actively discourage publicity. There are no signs outside, no listing of performances in the press, there are no tickets issued for shows … Continue reading

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The morning after

As an optimist I went to bed last night believing that regardless of what happened overnight, the sun would come up the next morning. We’re still waiting….

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Forever onward

It’s time. At least there is hope that the time for all the political pandemonium of the past months is about to wane. We have had the cap, the recap and the rebut – America is going to be great … Continue reading

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Peace of the Ladies

Christmas markets for the Upper East Side opened with classic exclusiveness this week courtesy of TEFAF, the world’s pre-eminent fair of art and antiques. A New Normal for Collecting Antiquities in a Post-Loot Culture featured as a paneled discussion within whispering distance … Continue reading

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Trick or treat!

Halloween and the Presidential election seem to have become one and the same thing this year. Scary! Costumes and contenders are interchangeable, with local costume stores featuring multiple versions of The Donald and former First Lady. With only a few … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Bun day

In anticipation of Cinnamon Bun Day on October 4th, exhaustive research is being undertaken to establish the best place in the city to enjoy these spicy sweets. Fortunately the Great Northern Food Hall has just opened at Grand Central – … Continue reading

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A movie set could not have created a richer more endearing atmosphere than that which tradition turned out in Brooklyn on the weekend. Italians came from all over the city, many returning to their old neighbourhood, to reenact a fourth … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth!

It’s been quite the colorful week. NYC has entertained us with parades, politics, festive food and fireworks. But the best was saved for last… one big smiley face to finish off the day. Happy Fourth!

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Midsummer merengue

The Midsummer Night Swing in Lincoln Centre has to be up there with the most fun, all time favorite events of NYC. Salsa was on the menu tonight and the Latino flavor was so all embracing that Castro or El … Continue reading

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Voting here for there

There is only one polling booth in NYC and it doesn’t have any electioneering solicitation or campaigning within cooee. That’s if you exclude the Brexit news in the foyer and the heavily bling’d Donald and Hilary in all the tourist … Continue reading

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