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Fleet Week

The Navy made a big splash today with the annual Fleet Week celebrations and sailors all over the city. While I missed the flotilla and fireworks, I did encounter a triathlon veteran who talked about training with Navy Seals and … Continue reading

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Hitchcock would think it a scream. On top of the MET this summer, artist Cornelia Parker has recreated the Bates Motel out of a hundred year old barn from Connecticut. On a stormy morning the vision of the familiar horror … Continue reading

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The Bern

In Union Square last week you could feel the Bernie love. It was like a party for someone’s dad that all the kids in town wanted to be part of. Feel the Bern, a twitter hashtag that became a central … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here

If only Trump knew. Sinclair Lewis, the first American writer to receive a Nobel prize for literature, wrote a play in 1935 that could have been written now. So much so, that an impromptu performance at the National Arts Club … Continue reading

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Classico New York Story

There aren’t many cinemas in the world where invitations for upcoming films are sent via email, where you can ride your bicycle directly into the screening room, pick up your free popcorn and pepsi en route, watch a first class … Continue reading

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Feels like…..

It was so cold in New York this week that an ice carving exhibition in Central Park had to be cancelled. It was so cold that the Bryant Park Fountain could have substituted the sculpted effect of the ice carving. … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday

Not all Tuesdays are equal, but whether you celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, pancake day or simply Fat Tuesday, the effect is the same – you need six weeks of abstinence to redress the balance. Strangely, fat Tuesday is a … Continue reading

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This little light of mine

In Sugar Hill, named for the Harlem Renaissance, a building called the triple nickel used to be the home of Count Basie, Lena Horne and Paul Robeson – ¬†and the heart of the jazz scene. Thanks to Marjorie Eliot it … Continue reading

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Happy Australia Day!

My snow globe can take the rest of the week off. There is too much competition in the real world! Snow started falling this morning to initial reactions of joyful exuberance, and it has continued to sweep and swirl over … Continue reading

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It’s all about family relationships. At least that is how the dinosaur docent explained the workings of the dinosaur dynasty at the Museum of Natural History today. The Museum has had a full house all week, welcoming their newest arrival … Continue reading

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